Ralph 2.0 Film en Streaming VOSTFR

Ralph 2.0 Film en Streaming VOSTFR

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Date de sortie : 2018-11-20
Durée : 112 Minutes
Par : Walt Disney Pictures, Walt Disney Animation Studios
Genres : Familial, Animation, Comédie
Acteurs : John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Gal Gadot, Taraji P. Henson, Alan Tudyk, Jack McBrayer, Jane Lynch, Phil Johnston, Paige O’Hara, Irene Bedard

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Ralph quitte l’univers des jeux d’arcade pour s’aventurer dans le monde sans limite d’Internet. La Toile va-t-elle résister à son légendaire talent de démolisseur ? Ralph et son amie Vanellope von Schweetz vont prendre tous les risques en s’aventurant dans l’étrange univers d’Internet à la recherche d’une pièce de rechange pour réparer la borne de Sugar Rush, le jeu vidéo dans lequel vit Vanellope. Rapidement dépassés par le monde qui les entoure, ils vont devoir demander de l’aide aux habitants d’Internet, les Netizens, afin de trouver leur chemin, et notamment à Yesss, l’algorithme principal, le cœur et l’âme du site créateur de tendances BuzzzTube…

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Wreck-It Ralph, fictional figurant of a fictional 80s coupole game, is back for another exhaustingly pointless romp in the frenetic and jeopardy-free world of virtual reality. Only this time he’s not wrecking, he’s breaking, an entirely different idéalité. It is résiliation for winners, not losers, like Kim Kardashian’s bottom, or the Beatles breaking America, or that man in the corne du Boulogne breaking the bank at Monte Carlo.

This headspinning, Ritalin-fuelled sequel to the 2012 écran is somewhere between Ready Player One and The Emoji Movie, summoning up a zero-gravity drôlerie of dazzling colours and vertiginous perspectives, a featureless and inert mashup of memes, brands, avatars and jokes. Some of these gags are pretty good: like the fairytale princesses who gather reprise the heroine to explain that a life-changing conjoncture is always accompanied by “staring into some water”. Some other gags aren’t quite so fresh, like a gamer being called “Babe-raham Lincoln” – stolen from Wayne’s World – and a nerd superfan asking pedantic questions at a conformisme — stolen from Galaxy Quest. And the permanent and eerily unsatirical product embargo is enough to give you a céphalée: especially the complacent Disney cross-promotion.

First time around, that mega-forearmed doofus Wreck-It Ralph (voiced by John C Reilly, whose claim to be the hardest-working man in showbusiness is incidentally stronger than ever) wanted to bust out of his bleepingly constricted game. Nowadays, in the imaginary adjunct pixelzone he calls home, existing somehow behind the retro little coin-operated dôme, Ralph is entirely happy where he is, in his own game, but with brevet to roam in other people’s – like the neighbouring Tron, the game famously converted into a virtual reality ciné-club for Disney in 1982. His best pal is Vanellope (voiced by Sarah Silverman), who is a character in a pretty old-fashioned racer game. When Ralph boisterously breaks into her game to create a new track, it causes the steering-wheel to voiture off in the real world and Vanellope’s world has to be catastrophically unplugged. The only outplacement steering wheel is to be procured from eBay, for an unrealistic two hundred bucks.