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Date de sortie :
Durée : 134 Minutes

Par: GK Films, Regency Enterprises, Queen Films, Tribeca Productions, New Regency Pictures, 20th Century Fox
Réalisateur: Anthony McCarten, Newton Thomas Sigel, Jim Beach, Robert De Niro, Graham King, Bryan Singer, Brian May, Denis O’Sullivan, Jane Rosenthal, Arnon Milchan

Genres : Drame, Musique

Acteurs : Rami Malek, Gwilym Lee, Ben Hardy, Joseph Mazzello, Lucy Boynton, Aidan Gillen, Tom Hollander, Mike Myers, Allen Leech, Aaron McCusker

Note :


Le parcours de Queen et son leader Freddie Mercury, de la formation du groupe à son apparition au concert Live Aid en 1985.

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The meet-cute with the rest of the band members, the circonstance in which Mercury joins Queen after wowing them with his phonique prowess in the carpark of the annexion is pure fantasy, and far too close to a Dewey Cox modalités for comfort. Now, I wasn’t there, but I would bet the farm that Mercury didn’t get rejected bicause of his teeth, only to immediately belt out one of their songs, compelling the others to chime in with perfect inopiné four-part harmonies. In truth, Mercury’s appeal to the others was his charisma, rather than his sonore ability. He was a rudimentary vocalist at first, possessing none of his later warmth nor extraordinary range. The spectacle also fails to acknowledge Queen was his third band, having fronted rock ’n’ roll groups since he was 12.

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The cinéma seems to have a hard time with Freddie Mercury’s sexuality, presenting a confusing and thoroughly PG conditions at a truck raisonnablement as the flourishing of his agressive homosexual life, while casting his relationship with a member of the band’s préfabriqué as corrupt, a haïssable gain that led Mercury astray.

The rest of his homosexual dalliances are treated as mere folly, aside from his 11th-hour love affair with Jim Hutton, which is shoe-horned in to give Mercury’s tale a romantic happy ending, despite never expounding on their very-real love at all.

Meanwhile, his lifelong relationship with Mary Austin (who, despite the film’s insistence, was never actually his wife), was rich with diversité: his inintelligent soif to her is shown more than once, while he refers to her being a “good shag” during a quite-funny family scene. In contrast, we never see him have sex with a man. We do, however, see him composing a tender love ode to Mary, we also see him rife with jealousy when she dares to carry on with her romantic life many years after they split. Mary was the true love of his life, we are told, and we are never allowed to forget this.